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Adhesive sealant ADHESION MS60

Adhesive sealant ADHESION MS60

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ADHESION MS60 is a Primerless, high tack, windshield/assembly adhesive based on Silyl-Terminated Polymer. Specifically formulated with a high viscosity which confer to the product an excellent high initial tack. It combines very high holding power to excellent mechanical cohesion properties.


Surfaces must be clean, dry, free of water, oil, grease or rust and of sound quality. Remove all loose particles or residues with a jet of compressed air, sandpaper or hard brush. Glass, metal and other non-porous surfaces must be free of any coatings and wiped clean with solvent. Cleaners and/or primers may be required to achieve optimal adhesion.

Cleaning of equipment:

Clean tools with acetone or alcohol immediately after use. Cured material can only be removed mechanically.

Personal protective measures: 

Keep out of reach of children. If skin contact occurs, remove immediately and wash with soap and water.


ADHESION MS55 can be stored for 12 months in its original packing (unopened container) at 5°- 25°C in a cool, dry place. The storage temperature should not exceed 25°C for extended periods of time. Keep away from wet areas, direct sunlight and heat sources.


PE-cartridge 290ml - 12 cartridges per box.

Alu- bags 600 ml -20 bags per box.


- Certificate of state registration № BY. from 16.07.2015

- Technical certificate suitability of materials and products for use in construction TC 05.1360.16 from 02.09.2016

- FMVSS 212 certified

Direct glazing and general structural elastic bonding adhesive. The high green strength and non-sag properties make it ideal for quick bonding of windscreen, side and rear windows on vehicle bodies.

Equally suitable for structural elastic bonding, assembly of various materials exposed to high thermal and dynamic stress, in the transportation Industry. Application examples include: assembling of insulated panels; vibration-proof bonding and sealing on components made of steel, aluminium, wood, GRP and other plastics materials and painted surfaces in the, automotive OEM, transportation (coach, caravan, refrigerated vehicles, containers) and marine.

• Free from Isocyanates, Silicone, Solvents and PVC

• Odourless

• Primerless adhesion to glass, metals and plastics

• Excellent weathering resistance - extremely good colour stability and UV resistance 

• Non-sag consistency - Exceptional thixotropy 

• Highest green strength (high initial tack) values

• Vibration and sound damping properties

• Increase torsional stiffness of final assembly

• Over-paintable wet on wet with many water, solvent based paints (preliminary tests recommended)

• No Hazard symbol required 

Appearance - Thixotropic paste

Colour - Black

Chemical nature: Silyl Terminated Polymer

Curing Mechanism: Moisture-curing

Curing through volume [mm] (after 1 day at 23°C and 50% r.h.) 3,5

Shore A hardness [N/mm2] 60

Density [g/cc] 1,35 ± 0,02

Tack-free time [min] (23°C and 50% r.h.) 15

Elastic modulus at 100% [N/mm2] (ISO 37 DIN 53504) > 2 

Tensile strength [N/mm2] (ISO 37 DIN 53504) > 3.9

Elongation [%] (ISO 37 DIN 53504) ≥ 350

Application temperature [°C] from +5 to +40

Temperature Resistance [°C] -40/+100, with brief points at +120