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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds


(TU 38.103691-89) 


Compounds are produced from new low molecular weight rubber – dimethylsilox. 

Compounds KL are paste-like materials, vulcanizing at ambient temperature and moving to the rubbery state (also for two-component compounds mixing with catalyst). 


Compounds KL-4, KLF-20, KLT-30 are used for surface sealing of different equipment, operating in open air and for protection it from moister and high vibration. The compounds possess high dielectric properties; can glue glass, plexiglass, ceramics and other materials, which are based on silicones. 

KLT-30 is also used for sealing of threaded pipe connections, internal water supply and heating system. 

KLT-75T is used for sealing device joints in automotive, tractor, machine-building industries, operating in direct contact with diesel fuel, oil, water and water-based liquids. 

Compounds KLSE, SDS are used for production of flexible molds for casting of plastic, gypsum, concrete and other products. KLSE is also used for sealing of electrical and magnetic devices.