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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds

  • Glue BK-9 - Epoxy-polyamide glue cold cure (cured at room temperature).   
  • Forms vakuumnoprochny seam.   
  • Resistant to water, alkalis, oils and gasoline.

Glue VK-9 is supplied 2-component.

Instructions for the use of VK-9 glue:

Wear gloves and use disposable dishes.
Bonded (working) material must be degreased with nefrasom BR-2. Normally processed unpainted metal black.
Then degrease with acetone or other solvent.

Stir thoroughly 2 components in the specified proportion.
Viability in mass at 20°C after mixing 2 components of glue ~ 2 hours.
Apply glue to the working surfaces at a flow rate of 100-150 g/m2.
Method of applying glue - spatula;
    - number of layers - 1;
    - open exposure - not required (permissible 1 min at a temperature of 18 to 23°C);
    Bonding modes:
   1) temperature from 18 to 23°C;
       time - 24 hours;
       pressure - 0,01 MPa;
   2) temperature 60°C;
       Time - 1 hour;
       pressure - 0,01 MPa;
It is desirable to place the connected parts under the contact pressure (vice) for 24 hours.

Guarantee shelf life of components at room temperature - 12 months.

Used in the composition of casting, glue, impregnating coating compositions

  for gluing of steels, aluminum, magnesium and titanium alloys with each other and with non-metallic materials, incl. glass-cloth; ceramics, etc.
  for radio engineering products,
  for adhesive, kleesvarnyh and threaded connections, 
  for gluing of lead parts (cones and bushings) to aluminum sheaths of communication cables.

Has the following properties:
adhesive properties.

Adhesive VK-9 cold curing (cured at room temperature).
Forms a vacuum-resistant seam.
Resistant to water, alkali, oil and gasoline.

Name of indicators  Requirements PI (GOST)
Appearance:  homogeneous viscous flow from gray to white without foreign impurities
Viability, h  2,5

The strength of the adhesive bond reaches after exposure to 20 ° C, kgf / cm²

within 5-7 hours

after 18-20 hours 



Strength at shear of glue joints of alloy D16AT GOST 21631-76 anodized, MPa (kgf / cm2),

at a temperature of 20 ° C not less than 

125 оС not less than

15 (140)

 4 (45)

Peel strength at 20 ° C, KN / m  0.1-0.5
Operating temperature up to plus 125 ° С for a long time
                                               at 200 ° C 
                                               at 250 ° C 

500 hours

for 5 hours


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