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TECHNOLOGICAL The water soluble LUBRICANTS SINERS - new lubricants for metal forming.

Lubricants brands Siners-B, Siners-BM, Siners-CVG are designed for use in cold metal stamping operations in the division, bending, drawing, forming, pressing at temperatures from 10 to 200°C.

Lubricant is applied to the surface of the blanks in various ways: by spreading by brush, roller, applying centralized lubrication system. Upon completion of the molding product grease residues from the surface of the metal can be easily removed by washing with tap water (preferably soft) without the use of organic solvents and technical detergents. After drying, the metal surface is ready for coating applications.

Lubricant "Siners-B" passive corrosion. Details covered with lubricant, stored for several months without corrosion under normal production conditions (temperature of 10-30 oC, humidity up to 90%).

The viscosity of the lubricant increases during storage (possibly fibering), but it is easy to return to the viscous fluid state with stirring means at hand (spatula, paddle, auger mixer, construction vibrator).

The density of the lubricant is 1,12-1,15 g /cc., The viscosity can vary in the range 10-100 Pa · s (100-1000 Cm), depending on the content of the thickener. Lubricant with a certain viscosity can be produced on request. Waste lubrication biologically are degradable and after dilution amenable to biorefining. Solutions lubrication in water at concentrations of 5-15% can be used as cutting fluids.

Lubricants explosion-proof, non-toxic, there is a sanitary-epidemiological conclusion. No cases of skin irritation when working with lubricant were noted. Persons working with lubricantmust be used cotton protective clothing and gloves. After contact with lubrication on your skin it should be washed off with water.

Technological lubrication brand Siners are characterized by high solubility in water, stable volume-mechanical properties, a considerable load bearing capacity, lack of irritating and toxic properties.

INCREASED degree of surface cleanings

Thanks to the absence of mineral oils in the composition of lubricants, they do not contaminate the surface (do not do greasy) metals in the molding process, allowing you to obtain a clean surface products simple by washing the with hot water (65-75 °C).

Greater degree of cleaning metal surfaces provides a significant growth adhesion-strength properties of electroplating, paint coatings and anticorrosive coatings in mechanical engineering.


Due to the exclusion of the cleaning cycle production of organic solvents, alkalis and detergents technical achieved minimize the costs of finishing operations, significant energy savings, material and labor resources in mass production.

Averaged specific consumption of lubrication during cold forming of 50-100 g / m2, using the dilute grease consistency consumption can be reduced.

Use as a COOLANT

Aqueous solutions of lubricants brand Siners with a concentration of 5-20% can be used as cutting fluids in the rolling and metal cutting.


Technological Siners lubrication are characterized by high solubility in water, volume-stable mechanical properties, a considerable load bearing capacity, lack of irritating and toxic properties.

Waste lubricants after appropriate dilution with water amenable to biorefining.

Secondary USE

Used lubrication suitable for use as the basis of water quenching medium, detergent-dispersants, dust suppression and antistatic agents.

Lubricants used for molding products from carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminum alloys, brass.

APPLICATIONS lubricants Siners:


Aviation industry

Mechanical engineering

Car and truck

Chemical industry

Products of organic synthesis

Light and food industry


Instrument making

Electrical industry



Trade-refrigeration equipment and others.