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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds

Anaerobic medium strength

For the "gasketed" compounds, one component. It is easy to to apply and harden fast without heating up, and only in the clearances and crevices that retains the surface clean.

Operating range (t) -60 ... + 200oC.

Simultaneous effect of sealing and high chemical resistance of, good vibration resistance.

Middle strength anaerobic sealants are designed to 

• sealing and locking of gasketed threaded pipe connections, 

• fixing and sealing gasketed smooth cylindrical and flanged compounds 


The sealant is applied to the junction with a dropper vial, a brush and special dosing. 

Anaerobic adhesive materials are used for the locking and sealing of thread of any diameter instead of traditional mechanical methods. 

This is a simple, reliable and cost-effective way giving resistance to the action vibration, shock, prevents self-unfastening bolts and nuts. 

Completely filling the space between the threading, the cured adhesive composition facilitates uniform distribution of of load over its entire length and eliminates leakage of gas or liquid. 

Anaerobic adhesive materials allow us to replace taut threading to threading with a gap, blind holes on the cross-cutting with studs with the usual threaded. Further supported increased resistance to aggressive environments and provide corrosion inhibition threading.