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ADHESION 30 is a black primer specifically designed for the ceramic band on vehicle glass. It ensures the complete protection of the adhesive by creating a barrier against harmful UV rays which can lead to the degradation of the adhesive. It is also an adhesion promoter.


The surfaces to be treated must be perfectly clean, dry, dust and grease free. Application of ADHESION 30 can only take place once the thorough cleaning of the bonding area with Activator ADHESION has been completed. Shake bottle well before application (for at least 1 min.) till the noise of the metal balls contained in the bottle can be heard. Close immediately after use as product evaporates very quickly. Ensure that primer is tack-free dry before proceeding. An open time of longer than 24 hours necessitates reactivating the primer.


ADHESION 30 has consumption of about 150 g/m2.

Personal protective measures:

Avoid skin contact using latex, rubber or polyethylene gloves.


ADHESION 30 can be stored for 12 months in its original packing at 10°- 25°C. The product is flammable. Keep away from heat sources, store in a dry and well-ventilated area in its original packaging. Keep out of the reach of children.


Aluminum bottle 30 ml: 25 bottles per box.

Aluminum bottle 250 ml: 12 bottles per box.

Aluminum bottle 1 Lt 8 bottles per box.

General Information:

The information contained in this technical data sheet is to the best of our knowledge correct, being based on our knowledge and experience to date and cannot be used as a guarantee, due to the various different materials present on the market and the fact that the application conditions are not under our direct control and supervision. We, however, guarantee constant product quality. We, have the right to modify or up-date this technical data sheet according to requirements. Customers are kindly requested to verify that they are in possession of the latest version.

Certificate of state registration № BY. from 16.07.2015.


ADHESION 30 improve sealant adhesion on glass, ceramic coated glass and on different plastic and metal materials.

Technical data:

Appearance - Liquid free from lumps

Colour - Black

Chemical nature - Polyisocyanates

Curing Mechanism - Moisture-curing

Density [g/cc] 0,95 +- 0,02

Evaporation time (23 °C and 50% Rh)approx. 3 minutes applied with felt (the film should be touch-free)

Application - felt applicator

Application temperature [°C] from +10 to +35

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