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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds

For the "nondemountable" joints, one component. It is easy to to apply and cure rapidly without heating up, and only in the clearances and crevices that retains the surface clean. 

The simultaneous effect of sealing and high chemical resistance, good vibration resistance.

HEAT-RESISTANT and high-strength anaerobic sealant designed for 

- locking of nondemountable and sealing of threaded joints, 

- Smooth nondemountable (flanged) joints, 

- nondemountable cylindrical joints, 

- For nondemountable unlined sealing and of cushioning (combined) joints that are working in liquid and gaseous surroundings,

exposed during use apply shock and vibration at elevated temperatures and in aggressive environments.

Application and properties

The sealant is applied to the junction with a dropper vial brush or a a special batcher.

Anaterm-103 Anaterm-104 Anaterm-105 - anaerobic adhesives for bonding various materials: metal, glass, laminated glass of, ceramics, plastics. 

QUANT-401 - UV-curing of adhesive for bonding metal to glass, including multilayer, and glass with the glass. 

The range of exploitation of high-strength sealants Anaterm from -196 to +300°C.