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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds

Glue VK-2 (Клей BK-2) 

Glue VK-2 TU 6-05-1214-76 high temperature silicone glue.

COMPOSITION: is a solution of K-9 organosilicon resin in ethyl alcohol with the addition of a hardener and an inorganic filler.

Transportation: possible by any mode of transport in accordance with the rules for the carriage of goods. Dangerous during transportation, tk. contains flammable solvents.

Hazard Class: N/A

Storage: Guaranteed shelf life - 6 months from the date of manufacture.

Packing: Metal container of various capacity.

PACKAGING: Standard shipment rate: 5; 25; 35. Non-standard packing is possible in agreement with the consumer.

Glue VK-2 is intended for gluing various grades of steel, titanium alloys,

as well as for gluing non-metallic heat-resistant materials (glass fiber, graphite) to these metals,

operating at a temperature of +400 degrees (250 hours) and at a temperature of plus 1000 degrees (5 minutes).

Also, the adhesive is intended for the preparation of a sealing material operating at temperatures up to +350 degrees (4000 hours).

It is used in the production of heat-resistant adhesive compositions.

Glue VK-2

- heat-resistant up to 400°С;

- high adhesion to various surfaces, including hard-to-glue materials such as fiberglass, graphite.

Physical and chemical characteristics of VK-2 glue (TU 6-05-1214-76)

Name of indicator  Norm
Appearance  Liquid mixture of gray color. During storage, the adhesive separates into two layers: a filler layer (gray) and a solvent layer (cloudy white). After shaking, the mixture is homogeneous and does not contain clots.
Dry residue content, % 35-45

Shear strength, kgf/cm2:

- at 20°С
- at 400°С

Application on steel: When applied, it should form a continuous, uniform film without clots.