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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds

We present our unique offer - the latest example of the advanced technology of adhesives and sealants - products safe for the consumer and in a less harmful impact on the environment than any currently existing analogs:

Adhesive sealant ADHESION MS - is a silane-modified products (hybrids), not containing the tin and methanol.

ADHESION MS retains all the advantages of chemical substances on the basis of silicones and polyurethanes and also eliminates the disadvantage separation as allocation of methanol in the polymerization process.

Our customers clearly benefit in the application of these new and innovative products produced in a safe environment and with the best value for money now and in the future.

Adhesive sealant ADHESION MS have the following main advantages:

- Very high resistance to destruction of by ultraviolet radiation and weather conditions.

- Excellent, does not require pre-priming, the adhesion of the product to most of the existing materials.

- High elasticity at different temperatures.

- Can be painted.

- Exceptional mechanical properties.

- Does not contain solvents or isocyanates.

- Good resistance to mildew.

- Adhesion to damp surfaces.

Sealants ADHESION PU, produced on the basis of polyurethane, have the following main characteristics:

- Very high resistance to to tearing and abrasive deterioration.

- High rate of polymerization.

- Excellent flexibility.

- High impact resistance, a peel strength and load resistance to vibration.

- High capacity for absorption of dynamic stresses.

- Good adhesion to many of the existing materials.

- Can be painted.

Properties, convenient packaging, ease of use allow you to use ADHESION products in different sectors of industry and transport.

Besides the basic properties, each product ADHESION has additional their own individual merits.

We suggest to familiarize a detailed description of products and make your choice. If you need assistance, please contact the sales department of our company.