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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds

Lubrication SINERS-MF TU 0254-495-00208947-2008 

Lubrication is designed for use in processes for cold forming carbonaceous stainless steel felling operations, calibration, stamping, drawing, drawing, etc. 

Operating temperature range lubrication "Siners-MF" from 10°C to 200°C. 

Class Lubrication filled with synthetic ethereal soapy. 

Exterior A: smooth homogeneous ointment from white to yellow. 

Density, kg / m3: 1146-1177 

The apparent Brookfield viscosity at 23°C, A / 7/50 Pamir with GOST 25271-93: 20-80 

Flash point in open crucible, °C: 245 

Corrosion test as per GOST 9.080-77: withstands 

Solubility in water% wt .: 25-30 

Period of storage, months: 12 


Lubrication is applied to the surface of the blanks in various ways: by spreading by brush, roller, applying centralized lubrication system. 

Upon completion of the molding product grease residues from the surface of the metal can be easily removed by washing with tap water (preferably soft) without the use of organic solvents and technical detergents. 

After drying, the metal surface is ready for coating applications. 

Lubrication "Siners-V" passive corrosion. Details covered with lubricant, stored for several months without signs of corrosion under normal industrial conditions (temperature of 10-30oC, humidity up to 90%).

The viscosity of the lubrication in storage increases (perhaps fibering), but it is easy to return to the viscous fluid state with stirring means at hand (spatula, paddle, auger mixer, building a vibrator).

The viscosity may vary within the range of 10-10 Pa-s (100-1000 Cm) according to the content of thickener. Lubrication with a certain viscosity can be produced on request. 

Waste lubrication biologically degradable and after dilution amenable to biological treatment. lubrication solutions in water at concentrations of 5-15% can be used as coolants.

Lubrication explosion-proof, non-toxic, there is a sanitary-epidemiological conclusion. No cases of skin irritation when working with lubricant were noted. Persons working with lubricant, use cotton clothing and gloves. In case of contact lubrication with skin it should be washed off with water.