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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds


Rubber compound IRP-1377 NTA TU 38 0051166-2015

heat-oil-petrol-aggressive rubber

is intended for the manufacture of rotating shaft seals and other sealing parts operating in air with a high ozone content, CIATIM-221 lubricant in the temperature range from minus 50 to plus 150ºС, in saturated steam at temperatures up to plus 150ºС, in NGZh-5U liquid in the temperature range from minus 55 to plus 125ºС, in water and solutions of acids and alkalis with a mass fraction of up to 20% in the temperature range from plus 4 to plus 100ºС, in the environment of technical ethyl alcohol - in the temperature range from minus 50 to plus 70ºС.

Heat-oil-benzo-aggressive-resistant rubber is more heat-resistant and technologically advanced compared to IRP-1287.

From a mixture of rubber IRP-1377 NTA, sealing parts are obtained with a 1,2-2,0 times increased service life.

Conditional tensile strength, MPa (kgf/cm2), not less than

Elongation at break, %, not less than

Shore A hardness, unit Shore A

Frost resistance coefficient for elastic recovery after compression at a temperature of -50 ºС, not less than

Residual deformation of compression after compression by 20% in air for 24 hours at 150 ºС, %, no more

Residual deformation of compression  after compression by 20% in liquid NGZh-5U for 24 hours at 125 ºС, %, no more


Volume change in liquid medium NGZh-5U during 24 hours at 125 ºС, %

Change in relative elongation after aging in air at 250 ºС for 72 hours, %


10,8 (110,0)






от 10 до 28

от -40 до 15

Technological properties: the rubber compound is molded, injected under the workpiece on a twin-screw injection machine and on an injection press. 

Warranty period of storage - 3 months.