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Anaerobic gasket Anaterm-501M

         Anaerobic sealing gasket Anaterm-501M is designed for compaction and sealing fixed detachable connections (flanges, flat joints, threaded connections) and to replace the currently in use paronitovye, cardboard and liquid gaskets silicone based.

        Anaterm-501M is operational in various aggressive environments, including in the engine oils, diesel fuel, gasoline, ethylene glycol, water, etc. at temperatures from -60o C to + 150o C.

         Anaterm-501M is a high viscosity thixotropic composition capable long remain in the original state without changing the properties and fast curing in gaps between metallic surfaces.

         Anaterm-501M - fast curing sealant, used without activator. High speed curing anaerobic gasket, including in products made of aluminum alloys, allow its use for the manufacture of a conveyor assembly in car engines and other units.


Brookfield dynamic viscosity at 2 / min mPa. with no less than 50,000 - 300,000

Ultimate tearing strength, MPa

after 24 hours, no more than 10

after 3 hours, no less than 3

Sealing ability under pressure, MPa, not less than

for flange connections 35

on the threaded connections 35

Operating temperature -60 ° C ... + 150

The maximum gap of 0.5 mm

The product is ready to use, comes in plastic tubes, bottles or cans.

Shelf life - 1 year. TU 2257-401-00208947-2003