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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds

Anaerobic sealants are widely used for sealing flange connections and pipe threads.

Use of their instead of traditional gaskets provides the required durability and sealing of compounds.

Application of anaerobic sealing materials eliminates the necessity of manufacturing and storing gaskets reduced, requirements for surface cleanliness joined parts, increases reliability compound during operation.

Anaerobic gasket after curing have a high compressive strength.

Anaerobic sealants used both individually and in combination with a metal or other gaskets.

They can be put by means of automatic batchers or by screen printing.

Anaerobic sealants are used to sealing pipe threads. In doing so they are simultaneously lubricant to facilitate assembly.

Using anaerobic compositions can connect couplings smooth couplings metal pipes without using welding.

Anaerobic sealants provide sealing withstanding gas pressures of up to 40 MPa and liquid medium to 60 MPa, as well as increased vibration load.


Anaterm- 505 (m)

Carving up the M80.

Strength limit at the break, MPa 2-9.

The maximum clearance of 0.5 mm.

Full Cure at 20 ° C, 3-8 h;

Operating temperature range, ° -60 ... +150.

The pressure which preserves tightness of, MPa 35.


Anaterm-501M: 3-10; 0.5; 12; -60 ... +150; 35.

Anaterm-17M: 2-5; 0.3; 12; -60 ... +150.

Anaterm-8K (r): 3-6; 0.3; 12; -60 ... +200.

(t) - thixotropic, i.e. thick, probably drawing on a vertical surface