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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds

Compounds are produced from new low molecular weight rubber – dimethylsilox.
Compounds KL are paste-like materials, vulcanizing at ambient temperature and moving to the
rubbery state (also for two-component compounds mixing with catalyst).

In the uncured (unvulcanized) state, the compound is a homogeneous paste-like mass of white color.

Compounds "KL" type (TU 38.103691-89)  are used for surface sealing of different equipment, operating 
in open air and for protection it from moister and high vibration. The compounds possess high 
dielectric properties; can glue glass, plexiglass, ceramics and other materials, which are based 
on silicones.

KLT-30 is also used for sealing of threaded pipe connections, internal water supply and heating 

- Dielectric,
- heat-resistant,
- shakeproof,
- waterproof and water resistant,
- high adhesion, especially to materials based on silicon.

Temperature resistance, oC -60...+300
Lifetime, minutes, no less 15

Conventional strength of
vulcanizate at a break, % min

Relative elongation at a break, % min 120

Volume electrical resistance at the temperature (20±5)oC and relative air humidity (65±5)%, Ohm x cm

1x10 13

Tangent of dielectric loss at frequency 10 6 Hz, max


Full curing time not less than,  hours


Packaging:     One-component compounds  KLT-30 

                        Two-component compounds KLT-30 

aluminum tubes;

Part A - 40 liters in drums, Part B (catalyst) – glass bottles

Shelf life  KLT-30 – 6 months.