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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds

Sealant VITEF-1NT

Sealant with index "NT" is supplied to aviation industry enterprises.


Thiokol (polysulfide) sealant VITEF-1NT intended for: 

- Surface and inner sealing of riveted, welded and bolted joints, aircraft constructions, devices and other products; 

- The repair of aerospace equipment. 


Sealant characterized by good deformability, high oil, petrol, UV, oxygen resistance, moisture and air impermeability. 

Sealant recommended to use in contact with the aluminum alloys, non-anodized, 

magnesium alloys, cadmium plated and exposed steel. 

Sealant based on polysulfide oligomers are three-component compositions, consisting of a basic (sealing), curing pastes and catalyst. 

Sealant capable of vulcanizing at a temperature not lower than 18oC.

Product Data:

Lifetime, h 1-10

Relative strength, MPa, min 1,76

Relative elongation at break, %min 160

Relative residual deformation after break, %, min 8

Hardness (Shore A) 30

Joint strength at peeling from aluminum anodized alloy D-16, kN/m 1.96

Shelf life, months 3

Temperature resistance, oC -60 to +130 (150)

Packaging: kits 5,8 kg;  29,05 kg;  34 kg (30 kg in metal drums, catalyst – plastic jars, powder - PE bag).