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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds


(TU 38.303-04-04-90) 


Two-component sealants Viksint U-1-18, Viksint U-2-18, Viksint U-4-21 and one-component sealant VGO-1 are manufactured from low molecular weight dimethylsiloxane rubber. Two- component sealants are paste-like materials, vulcanizing, when they are mixed with catalyst, at ambient temperature and moving to the rubbery state. 


Sealants are used for surface sealing of metal joints and for sealing equipment, operating in air at a temperature from -60 to +300oC. 

One of the important features of siloxane materials are durability, resistance to sudden temperature swings, high vibration, radiation and UVR. These factors determine the fields of sealants application. Silicone sealants are used in aircraft and aerospace industry, machine building, electronics, shipbuilding, automotive, civil and industrial engineering, as well as in household purposes and decorative art production. 

Viksint U-2-28 also is used for sealing in a close space without air access at temperature range from -60 to +250oC. 

Viksint U-4-21 also is used for potting in a direct contact with copper, chromium-plated bronze, silver and tin coating at warming up to +100oC. 

VGO-1 is used for maintenance of items insulated by Viksint type sealants and can be used as a general purpose DIY sealant. 

Sealants do not cause corrosion of metals and alloys.