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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds

Adhesive sealant ADHESION D-83

Complies with the requirements of TU 20.52.10-003-00328545-2021

- organosilicon (silicone) heat-resistant dielectric with high adhesive properties and chemical resistance to a number of media acts as an adhesive and sealant at the same time.

COMPOSITION: Adhesive sealant ADHESION D-83 is a viscous-flowing composition made on the basis of dimethylpolysiloxane (low molecular weight organosilicon) rubber (resin) and fillers, hardener and catalysts. Single component.

DESCRIPTION: Adhesive-sealant is a high-viscosity composition that cures under the action of air moisture to form a rubber-like material, operating in a wide temperature range from -60 to +300°C.