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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds

Film adhesives are presented in the form of films of different grades.

In modern technology, it is often necessary metal compounds in various structures. Mechanical (welding, soldering), riveted and bolted connections are not always the most effective.

The use of glue in the metal structure allows reliable and durable enough to join dissimilar metals of different thickness. The connection process is more simple and cheap. In the glue line load is distributed evenly, there are no areas of concentration and stress. Adhesive bonding does not weaken the metal, is not subject to corrosion.

The use of adhesive joints can reduce the weight of the structure, as allows the use of thinner sheets.

Film adhesives can be used for bonding, impregnation and corrosion protection.

This type of adhesive is also the most preferred in terms of productivity, purity and production standards, ensuring strictly regulated flow.

Film adhesives are permitted for use in aviation