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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds

APPOINTMENT: for disinfection, disinfecting of water and other purposes.

Appearance: liquid from greenish-yellow color (on the day of shipment) to reddish brown (after 10 days from the date of shipment).

Depending on the destination and the raw materials used technical sodium hypochlorite produced in two grades A and B:

- gradе A is designed for the decontamination the drinking water and sewage water, disinfection of water fishery waters, in the meat and dairy industry, for the manufacture of bleaching and disinfectants.

- gradе B is designed to disinfect contaminated areas and wastewater disinfection.


Indicators: Grade A / Grade B

The mass concentration of active chlorine g/dm3 not less than 120 / not less than 120.

The mass concentration of alkali in terms of NaOH, g/dm3, no more than 40 / no more than 90.

Note: The loss of active chlorine is allowed after 10 days from shipment date not more than 30% of the original content.

PACKAGING AND TRANSPORT: Rail tank stencil "Keep away from heat." Markings representative of the transport of dangerous goods, in accordance with GOST 19433-88 with the labeling (Class 8, Division 8.2, chert.8, classification code 8283), serial number UN 1791 emergency number card 165.

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