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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds

Anaterm 1 Anaerobic sealer designed

 for locking, locking of threaded connections and seals in the assembly for fastening and loosening bolts prevent arbitrary in threaded connections with a small diameter,

 prevent leaks fluid and rust,

 as well as to eliminate the micropores and microcracks in the welds, heat-affected zone, castings, rolled, pressed and extruded products, and other defects, with the size of no more than 0.07 mm.


 applied sealant in detail, are in contact with various liquid and gaseous aggressive environments (high resistance to water, fuels, oils and other media)

 exposed to vibration, shock,

 in a wide range of temperatures and pressures.

 It is a one-piece low viscosity composition having high penetrating power due to good wetting properties.

 Does not contain any solvents and does not cause corrosion.

 set at different working strength metallic threaded joints in 20-25S occurs within 18-24 hours; 200S temperature after exposure provides a threaded connection at cold strength.

Methods of application:

Sealing products Anaterm-1y performed by applying the composition on the product; dipping method with the items to be inactive surfaces (aluminum, zinc, titanium, and others.).

Curing of the material occurs after the cessation of contact with air (oxygen) between two metallic surfaces of a threaded joint. The sealant cures rapidly only in the gaps between the metal surfaces, the threads, the impregnation can easily penetrate into the smallest pores of the material, forming a strong, chemically and thermally stable polymers securely sealing product.

The impregnation is carried out Method of application on pre-degreased surface products. Curing is carried out at a temperature 20-40S. Material consumption is 3-10 g per 1 kg of castings.


1 Appearance Homogeneous liquid from red to brown

2 Dynamic viscosity, mPa.s 10-15

3 full cure time, 18-24 hours

4 Shear strength at unscrewing (Constr. Steel St-40 after 5 hours, MPa) 10.8

5 Peel Strength on Steel 12X18H10T products after 24 h., 5.8 MPa

6 The maximum allowable gap of 0.1 mm

7 Operating Temperature Range sealed products? C -196  +150

Residual strength of 8% after exposure of the original

-196 C for 1000 hours

150,500 h

temperature gradient from -60 to + 150S for 2 hours at 10 cycles

  60 C at 98% humidity for 30 days





The sealant is ready to use, has a long-term viability in storage, comes in plastic bottles with a nozzle-dropper.