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Glue HVK-2A  TU 6-10-463-75

(Клей ХВК-2А ТУ 6-10-463-75)

HVK-2A perchlorovinyl glue is a solution of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride and alkyd resins in a mixture of organic solvents with the addition of a plasticizer and stabilizer.

HOW TO USE: Stir thoroughly before use. HVK-2A glue is applied with a brush.

Practical drying:

- to degree 1 according to GOST 19007-73 - at a temperature of 20°C - 10 minutes;

- up to degree 2 according to GOST 19007-73 - at a temperature of 20°C - 1 hour;

Theoretical consumption - 150 g/m2 for a single layer coating.

When working with it, personal protective equipment should be used.

HVK-2A is a toxic substance, so work should be carried out in a well-ventilated area.

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Storage of containers is carried out in places where the sun's rays do not fall. Temperature regime of storage from -40°С to +40°С.

TRANSPORTATION: HVK-2A glue (TU 6-10-463-75) is transported by road or rail in accordance with the rules for the carriage of goods.

PACKAGING: HVK-2A glue  is packed in metal or plastic containers of various capacities (50 kg, 25 kg and others).

/The image of the product in the picture may differ from the original./

HVK-2A glue is designed for gluing cotton fabric to plywood, wood, metal surfaces and primed materials, which are then painted with perchlorovinyl paints and varnishes.

The name of indicators

TU requirements

Appearance and color

Opaque liquid of light cream color with suspended particles of pigment. Hue is not standardized.

Film appearance

After drying, the film should be homogeneous, smooth

Conditional viscosity at a temperature of (20.0 ± 0.5) ºС according to viscometer type VZ-246 with a nozzle diameter of 4 mm, with


Mass fraction of non-volatile substances, %


Drying time at temperature (20±2)ºС

                      up to degree 1, min

                      up to degree 2, h


no more than 10

no more than 1

Acid number mg KOH/g glue

no more than 0.5

Strength of gluing fabric to wood (plywood), N (kgf) / per 1 linear meter

at least 441/45

Painting properties

When applied, the glue should be freely shaded and not curl under the brush.

Practical drying (up to degree 1 according to GOST 19007-73), at a temperature of 20 °C, min.


Practical drying (up to degree 2 according to GOST 19007-73) at a temperature of 20 ° C,


Theoretical consumption

150 g/m2 for a single coat

Warranty period, months