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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds

Polyurethane sealants and mastics one- and two-component cartridges, folic tubes, buckets of, drums. 

To date polyurethane sealants are the optimum sealing material for construction. 

One-component PU adhesives cure on contact with moisture of air for several hours without shrinkage forming a strong, elastic and durable the seam. 

One-component polyurethane sealants have the following characteristics: 

- are one-component sealant, in this case ruled out violation of the technology when mixed components; 

- Do not contain solvents, therefore sealing do not shrink, characterized by high strength, durability. According to the results of laboratory tests on MNIITEP projected lifetime of of polyurethane sealants no less than 10 years; 

- Have excellent elasticity, t. E. are capable repeatedly be stretched without bursting, and after removing the load are returning to its previous form. Depending on the type of polyurethane sealant material, the elasticity (elongation at break) ranges from 460% to 910%; 

- Have excellent adhesion (adhesion) with construction surfaces - natural and artificial stone, glass, metal, wood, polyester, PVC, etc .;

- Have excellent self adhesiontherefore easy to operate. In case of damage to the joint, it is easy to restore, re-inflicting polyurethane sealant at joint; 

- Can be used at low temperatures, but in this case before applying with the sealant packing enough to hold in a warm environment; 

- is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, salts, acids and alkalis with concentration up to 10%; 

- Easily paint any facade paints that do not contain solvents; 

- Applied polyurethane sealant quickly, it is possible to interrupt the work without any problems because of the rain or after dark. 

- Have a wide color range (white, black, gray, beige, etc.). 

Polyurethane sealants are supplied ready for application in a convenient package: cartridges, folic tubes, buckets.