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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds




SKB is a product of polymerization of butadiene, butylene-isobutylene fraction, a plasticizer in the presence of metallic sodium. 


SKB is resistant to thermal aging and multiple strains. SKB is characterized by high absorptive ability, good interaction with other ingredients in the mixes. Rubber has good adhesion and high technological properties during the processing. 

Rubber SKB is produced filled and unfilled with antioxidant. 

Depending on the type of antioxidants there are 2 types of SKB: SKB-R – for general technical purpose, SKB-RSCH – for rubber products for food industry. 

Depending on the plasticity there are different grades of SKB: 30, 40, 50 for SKB-R and 40, 50 for SKB-RSCH. 

SKB-R is used in various industries: 

- Rubber industry – for production of conveyor rubber seals, gaskets, etc.; 

- Asbestos industry – for production of brake pads; 

- Electrical industry – for production of insulating gaskets (If heat resistance is not required); 

- Cable industry – for production of low and high voltage cable insulation 

- Footwear industry – for production of rubber footwear parts and lacquer coating of rubber footwear; 

- Abrasive production – as bonding agent. 

SKB-RSCH is used in food industry for production of: 

- O-rings (padding for cans, hermetic padding for conservation); 

- Rubber products that contact with food. 

Packaging 30±5 kg blocks packed into rubberized, impregnated tissue or PP cloth bags with PE inserts. 

Shelf life Filled with antioxidant: 

SKB-R – 12 months; 

SKB-RSCH – 12 months. 

Unfilled – 2 months. 

2. LATEX DVHB-70 (TU 38.303-04-03-90) 


Latex DVHB-70 – is an aqueous dispersion of a copolymer of butadiene and vinylidene chloride. Turbid liquid without foreign inclusions. The presence of a surface membrane is not considered as defect (before using the latex membrane should be filtered). 


Latex DVHB-70 – is able to form a flexible membrane that has high adhesion to tissues, cellulose, leather and other materials. 


Latex DVHB-70 is used in the production of leather substitutes, asbestos – cement mixes, cardboard and in other various industries. 

Packaging Railway and car tankers, steel barrels. 

Storage and transportation Storage temperature is not less than +5: C and not more than +50oC. 

Shelf life 6 months