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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds

Adhesive-sealant ADHESION AVTO 

Adhesive-sealant (liquid gasket) is a high-viscosity composition, vulcanizing under the influence of air moisture and operating in a wide temperature range from -50 to +300°C and in aggressive environments.

COMPOSITION: is a composition based on dimethylpolysiloxane rubber, fillers, hardener and catalysts.


Apply adhesive-sealant to the prepared dry and degreased surface of the connector with a layer of 1-2 mm.

Assemble the assembly in 20-30 minutes.

Operation can be started after 4 hours (with a layer thickness of more than 1 mm, increase the time).

Maximum strength is reached after 48 hours.

CONSUMPTION 0.5 g/cm2 at a layer thickness of 1 mm.

STORAGE: store in the original closed packaging at a temperature of +5° to +25°C in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. The storage temperature should not exceed 25°C for extended periods. Keep out of the reach of children.

SHELF LIFE 18 months, subject to storage conditions. After the specified period, the sealant can be used after preliminary testing.

PACKAGING: tube 70 g, 160 g; cartridge (tube) 450 g. Packing (example): box of 30 pcs. tubes of 160 g weighing 4.8 kg.

APPLICATION: The listed complex of valuable properties made it possible to recommend this sealant as a sealing material in the operation and repair of vehicles, machine tools, mechanisms, instruments, as well as gas transportation equipment at gas industry enterprises and in construction.


a quick and economical solution to all the problems of a motorist when repairing a car, especially on the road: eliminating leaks of water, antifreeze and oil in detachable joints instead of defective gaskets. Additional application of sealant to standard hard gaskets improves their heat resistance.

in gas and other industries it is used for sealing the connectors of bearing housings, gearboxes, etc. to prevent oil leakage, air and gas seals;

when repairing and sealing the seams of buildings and joints of reinforced concrete panels in prefabricated housing construction, eliminating leaks in building structures and during plumbing work;

bonding and sealing parts made of various metals (steel, aluminum, etc.), ceramics, concrete, plastics, glass and other materials;

repair of household appliances, as well as for electrical insulation work;

for gluing and sealing the glass diffuser with the polycarbonate housing of the headlight unit;

elimination of leaks in metal boats; gluing and sealing aquariums;

in everyday life for gluing tiles of any material; window, door, furniture glass, for gluing and sealing plumbing, sealing the junction of sinks, bathtubs and kitchen furniture to walls and floors and other purposes.

The cured sealant is long-lasting at temperatures from -50 to +300°С,

Resistant to the atmosphere, natural gas, water and various aqueous solutions, mineral and synthetic oils and gasoline.

It has dielectric properties.

Due to its high adhesion, it is used for gluing and sealing parts made of various materials:

- organic and silicone glass,

- polycarbonate,

- ceramics,

- concrete,

- rubber

- steel, copper, aluminum and other materials.

Vulcanization occurs without the release of aggressive and toxic products!


pasty mass from white to cream color


1.6 g/cm3

Drying time of the surface film at 20оC, no more 

300 min


Sealing ability 

100 points

Tensile strength, not less than 

10 kgf/cm2

Shear strength at 20°C according to specifications, not less than 

10 kg/cm2 (actually ≈ 18-20 kg/cm2)

Elongation at break, not less than one

100 %

The strength of the bond between the layers of rubber with rubber at 20°C, not 

10 kgf/cm2

Swelling in gasoline:

hours - 45 %,

12 hours - 46 %,

18 hours - 47 %,

24 hours - 47 %

Volumetric electrical resistance (Rv) 

2*10 14 ohm*cm

Electrical strength 

8-10 kV/mm 

Dielectric constant at 1 kHz