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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds



U-30MES-5, UT-32 (TU 38.1051386-80), U-30MES-5NT, UT-32NT (TU 38.605462-91), UT-34 (STATE STANDART 24285-80), U-30MES-5M (TU 38.1051436-88), VITEF-1NT (TU 38.1051291-84), U-30M (STATE STANDART 13489-79) 


U-30MES-5, U-30MES-5NT, UT-32NT, U-30MES-5M, VITEF-1NT are intended for: 

 Surface and inner sealing of riveted, welded and bolted joints, aircraft constructions, devices and other products; 

 The repair of aerospace equipment. 

UT-32, UT-34 are intended for: 

 Sealing of riveted, bolted and other mechanical joints; 

 Plug-in connectors, fuel compartment, pressurized input sealing. 

U-30M – general purpose sealant, for sealing metal (except brass, copper, silver and their alloys) and other joints, working in air, dilute acids, alkalis and fuel. 


Sealants are characterized by good deformability, high oil, petrol, UV, oxygen resistance, moisture and air impermeability. Sealant are recommended to use in contact with the aluminum alloys, non-anodized, magnesium alloys, cadmium plated and exposed steel. Sealants based on polysulfide oligomers are three-component compositions, consisting of a basic (sealing), curing pastes and catalyst. Sealants are capable of vulcanizing at a temperature not lower than 18оC, UT-34, 4-30MES-5M, U-30M – not lower than 15оC. 

Packaging: 30 kg in metal drums, catalyst – plastic jars. 


SG-1MT, SG-1M (TU 5772-042-05766764-01), LT-1, AM-05K (TU 5772-057-05766764-03) 


Mastics SG-1M, SG-1MT, LT-1 and AM-05K are used in the construction and repair of residential and industrial buildings for: sealing the joints of enclosing exterior walls elements; protection junction units of building constructions against atmospheric corrosion; sealing seams on bin roofs and false balconies. 


Mastics SG-1M, LT-1 and AM-05K are based on polysulfide oligomers; SG-1MT is based on the copolymer of thiokol. Mastics are two-component, consisting of primary and curing pastes. 


Mastics SG-1M, LT-1 and AM-05 have good adhesion to the basic building materials (concrete, metal, bricks, wood), high resistance to thermal and shrinkage deformation, to aggressive atmospheric conditions and water. 

Due to vibration resistibility mastic AM-05K is recommended to use for work on the airport building, railway stations, elevators, multi-storey parking and garages. 

Maximum allowable strain in the junction – 25%. Expected life-time is 15-20 years. 

Packaging: On request – steel barrels, metal cans and drums or any metal sealed packaging with pre-packing pastes into PE bags. 

Shelf Life: 6 months. 


NVB-2, Type I, Type II (STATE STANDART 12812-80, TU 38.50309-93) 


Liquid polysulfide oligomers (LPO) – sulfur containing reactive oligomers with active terminal groups. A viscous homogeneous dark liquid with greenish or brownish shade, without foreign inclusions and with peculiar smell of mercaptans. 


Liquid polysulfide oligomers are intended for manufacturing of sealants, which are used in aircraft industry, shipbuilding, electrical industry, electronics and civil engineering. 

Specific properties:

LPO are resistant to the action of oils, fuel, acids, alkalis, ozone, sun rays and radiation. LPO are highly gasproof, nonexplosive, incombustible, nontoxic materials. 

Packaging: 200 liters in barrel.

Shelf life: 3 years.