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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds

TO ELIMINATE THE pores and microcracks

-to welds

-about welds,

- die-cast,



-products powder metallurgy: of stamped and pressed products,

as well as for sealing and locking fine thread;

in detail, in the liquid and gaseous corrosive environment

are exposed to vibrations,

shock loads

over a wide range of pressures and t.

Shrinkage phenomena inclusion of oxides, slag and gases in the details that fabricated by the method casting, welding, brazing, compression of the metal powders and contribute to the formation of micropores and of microcracks in the products. For sealing such parts and use the impregnating material.

Produced impregnating material is a one component low viscosity products.

Due to the good lubricating properties, they can easily penetrate into the fine pores of the material and size of microcracks to 0.1 mm, where harden, forming a durable, chemically and thermally stable polymers, reliably sealing the products.

Used for that purpose low viscosity sealants (viscosity 10 - 20 mPa.s).

CONSUMPTION of 3-10 g based on 1 kg of the casting.

The impregnation is carried out by anaerobic materials by the method applying them to the surface of products. Solidification is carried out at a temperature of 20-40°C.

Shearing strength Anaterm-1y is 8-12 MPa.

If there is defects of more than 0.07 mm is possible to combine impregnation. Products pre-impregnated low-viscosity sealant additionally are compacted with sealant having a viscosity of 200 mPa.

The proposed impregnating materials do not contain solvents, non-corrosive metals are highly resistant to water, fuels, oils and other chemical environment, provides sufficient strength at vibration, shock loads and pressures.