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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds

Thixotropic sealant accelerated curing Anaterm-6K is designed for fixation and sealing of threaded locking of smooth and cylindrical assemblies, for sealing and cushioning unlined (combination) of the compounds employed in liquid and gaseous environments exposed to shock and vibration. Improves resistance to vibration loads.

Anaterm-6K provides recovery bearing seats with a gap of up to 0.25 mm, protects them from corrosion, increases the service life of rolling bearings. The recovered compound, if required, can be disassembled with strippers.

Anaterm-6K is a thixotropic composition without foreign inclusions red color, has a long pot life and property during storage solidify in the gaps between the metal surfaces.

Anaterm-6K sealer fast curing, improved thermal and chemical stability.


Dynamic Brookfield viscosity of 15,000-30,000 mPa • s

The time of the contact resistance on the threads of structural steel M10h1.5, minutes 30-60

Ready for use at 20-25 ° C, 12-24 h

Unscrewing torque on the threads of structural steel M10h1.5 M, 25-40 Nm

Shear strength at unscrewing, MPa

• 3 hours

• 24 hours



Flexural Modulus, MPa 400

Ultimate tearing strength, MPa 3-6

Operating temperature range, ° C -60 ... + 200

The maximum allowable gap of 0.35 mm (0.4)

The product is ready for use.

Packing: supplied in plastic bottles with dropper nozzle, 50, 100, and 200 g Blister 1.7 g

Guaranteed shelf life of 1 year.