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Marlin paint in Minsk


Marlin dye is used for:
- for application to steel and aluminum surfaces for corrosion protection;
- for painting metal, glass and carbon fiber, concrete, wood and other products that are in constant contact with fresh or sea water;
- for drinking water systems.

 It has increased surface hardness and scratch resistance and chemical resistance.
 Keeps protective and decorative properties during a long stay in water in a cold and hot climate for at least 8 years.
 Possesses high resistance to ultraviolet and elevated temperatures - up to 90ºС.
 Does not change color in the open air.
 Paint can be applied in the temperature range from 0 to 60ºС.
COMPOSITION: It is a two-component system consisting of an epoxy-based semi-finished product and a non-toxic hardener.
APPLICATION METHOD: Apply by pneumatic spraying, in bulk, with a roller or spatula.
Packing: 10 kg.
Color - gray and others.