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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds

ype of cure: Neutral Type. 

Color: Black. 

Designed for sealing joints, construction joints, for AUTO, for domestic purposes that do not allow the use of acid-curing sealants. 

Can be used for the production of glass. 


 - Operating temperature from -50°C to +160°C.

  - Recommended application temperature not lower than -15°C (low-temperature curing is slower).

  - Non-corrosive.

  - Provides seal design. 

- Good adhesion to glass, ceramics, metal, wood, concrete and other building materials. 

- Waterproof. 

- Environmentally harmless and safe for human health. 

- Thixotropic (can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces). 

- Vulcanizing at room temperature in contact with moisture in the air. 

- Resistance to weathering, UV rays, ozone. 

- Easy to apply, provides a watertight seal tight. 

- Withstands joint movement, is not subject to cracking and shrinkage. 

- Over time, does not change color, retains its strength and elasticity. 

- Does not possess toxic properties. 

Packaging: 310 g cartridges (25 pcs 1 box), 600 ml sausages (642g), 200l drums.