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Professional adhesive and sealant products, industrial and building special materials and compounds




We offer to purchase a wide range of epoxy resins and packaging from 1 kg,

as well as epoxy compounds, varnishes, paints, putties, impregnations, gel coats, adhesives, tinting pastes, self-leveling floors.

Hardeners of different types for epoxy resins in packaging from 1 kg.

Diluents-modifiers packing from 1 kg.

Epoxy compounds with packaging from 2.5 kg.

Epoxy varnishes packing from 2.5 kg.

Epoxy paints with packaging from 2.5 kg.

Epoxy putties packing from 5 kg.

Epoxy primers, packing from 10 kg.

Epoxy impregnations from 2.5 kg.

Gelcoats packing from 2.5 kg.

Epoxy adhesives packing from 140 g.

Epoxy tinting pastes, packing from 100 g,

as well as a curing accelerator, plasticizer, siliconized glass fabric for impregnation with epoxy resins, etc.

Call and buy! Original products from the dealer of LLC "Adhesion". Beware of counterfeits!

Are in special demand:
transparent medium viscosity resins ED-20 of the highest grade and KER-828,
transparent modified low-viscosity resin KER-215;
transparent UV-resistant active hardener KSA (no pungent odor).
With the increase in packaging, prices go down!

Embody all your ideas in the creation of products, repairs and creativity using transparent and opaque resins, colorless and colored, hard and elastic, with increased wear and impact resistance, chemical, UV and heat resistance, etc.

You can get acquainted with the detailed description of resins in the "Resins and Hardeners" section of the catalog of our website.

Information on epoxy tinting pastes, epoxy varnishes and paints is given in the heading "Varnishes and paints", and on epoxy building compounds in the heading "Materials for construction".

The Articles section contains useful additional information on resins.